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Local businesses have a unique advantage over large nationwide companies on providing services in their local area. In the search engines, there are three available spots for a local company to show up in search engine ranking placements (SERPs); organic listing, paid ad listing, and the local map.

Many times, local companies have greater knowledge of the needs of the particular region or city that they work in, or because the service is so localized, a nationwide company can’t compete (plumbing, construction repair, pizza delivery, etc…)

The local results can be instrumental in acquiring a new customer. The reviews can help a potential customer decide which company to call. However, many local businesses don’t take the time to either claim their listing or ask the customer to write a review. It ends up that the local business might be listed in a directory but have only a couple of reviews (and possibly a negative one or two) and if they haven’t claimed their listing, they are losing out on the opportunity to enhance their listing to better show value for their product or service.

Besides local companies claiming their listing on Google Places, Yelp, most businesses don’t bother asking their customer for a review.

When is the Best Time to Ask a Customer to Write a Review of Your Local Business?

Right after the services or products are provided is the best time to ask your customer to write a review for your business. Most of the time the customer is extremely satisfied that you’ve been able to solve their problem and they will be most likely to write a review of your company.

The one thing you must do is ask for a review. Give the customer a business card or a sheet of paper with the links to your local listings. Ask politely if they would write an honest review of their experience working with you.

This only takes a couple of moments out of your time and it can make a huge difference in how many potential customers contact you in the future. If you are getting a couple of reviews a month, it won’t take long before you have a significant amount of customer reviews and testimonials about your business on the Internet. Over time, you may have more reviews than any of your competitors in your area and this can make your business shine.

I’ve personally seen a client of mine start generating around 10 reviews a month. A year and a half latter, they now have twice as many reviews for their company than the other top four put together. They are receiving more calls today because they have such a portfolio of honest reviews that others are able to make a sound judgement that this is the best company to do business with in the area.

Don’t Spam the Reviews

Too many businesses try to spam their listings with fake reviews. These are easily identified and customers are sophisticated enough to spot a fake review. This is a waste of time, money, and energy.

Getting reviews constantly, over time, is the best way to marketing your business in local directories!

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